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– a fansign is when you write something on a piece of paper (EX. I love Rhyzelle or simply just the name) and take a picture with it .
The name can be written on your hand, your body, a piece of paper, anything really. This seems to be the in thing with teens these days. They’re normally used as ANTI POSER of just for fun.. i’ve known people collecting this kind of stuffs.Take a look at the sliding pictures below. 🙂

i have a lot of collections of it. actually i did not plan to collect it, it was just for fun before. and ofcourse i did’nt want and will never delete those. it’s like a souvenir/remembrance from friends. i feel so touched of their efforts doing this small things yet soooo unforgetable with me. 🙂
that’s why i love my friends. they are sooo sweet!

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If anyone else wants to send me their fansign pictures like my friends on the slideshow, please send me… :) i’ll post it up here and i’ll promise to keep them forever. :)

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Born: May 12, 1991
Died: June 13, 2012

Choosing to be in a Military is accepting the fact that your life is going to be in serious danger.  It’s like your one feet is in the grave. you were either going to die, or be seriously injured. All soldiers are brave as much as they face unpleasant and dangerous conditions with courage.

I often hear about a lot of soldiers not only in this country going through a battle and die. They are fighting for the world peace. Never knowing that they might be going to rest in peace too. LOL (kidding) Especially in Mindanao.  As we all know there is still a turmoil going on in some places in Mindanao.

Some soldiers die in a battle, ambush, etc. They always appoint those new and young soldiers to fight and i didn’t expect that my young cousin will be one of those soldier victims, killed by the NPA.

they were killed  in an encounter with communist rebels in Albay early Wednesday, june 13, 2012.

here is the report:

Citing reports from Lieutenant Colonel Audrey Pacia of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, Major Harold Cabunoc said the two were killed by suspected members of the New People’s Army (NPA)while doing security operations in Sinungtan village in Guinobatan town at 12:50 a.m.

The soldiers were identified as Privates First Class Jayvi Villagomez and Alfredo Leonillo Jr. They sustained fatal gunshots.

It was believed that the attack was in retaliation of the arrest of Carlito Rebamba known as Ka Renan of the NPA in Tastas village, Ligao City last June 9.

Renan has a warrant of arrest for a series of murders and burning a police station in Pio Duran.

But Chief Inspector Pico B. Valencia Jr., Guinobatan police chief, had different version of the story when interviewed by the Philippine Daily Inquirer by phone.

“We received the report and we immediately proceeded to the site and recovered the cadavers. Further investigations are being undertaken to identify the suspect who had fled right after the killing,” Valencia said.

He said Leonilo and Villagomez were buying cigarettes at a nearby store during a pre-fiesta dance festival in the village when the gunman approached both soldiers and shot them in the head.

The soldiers reportedly tried to go for their guns but the gunman beat them to the draw.

Four slugs and seven empty shells, apparently from a .45 cal. pistol, were recovered at the scene.

Valencia said the incident apparently went unnoticed by revelers because the blaring music at a dance hall some 20 meters from the crime scene muffled the gunshots.

The NPA is the armed unit of the Communist Party of the Philippines, and has been waging an insurgency since 1969.

it is really a heartbreak losing one of your loveones but no choice but to accept it and life must go on. cuz, i want to thank you for all the unforgettable childhood memories. you’ll be missed and until we meet again. may you rest in peace and praying for your soul. we love you cousin.

The end or the Beginning?

It was our graduation day at PICC last March 26, 2012.

Seriously, i wasn’t really that excited for it. I’m not that satisfied to graduate without an award. ahaha

Though, we, my other classmates knew that some of our classmates who had awards are not deserving. Well, that’s life.  Bawi nalang sa Career!

It is a very delightful feeling to graduate with Information Technology and Systems. After all those sleepless nights i experienced just to finish our projects, System Designs, Documentations, Feasibilities, Journals, and etc. Finally, I surpassed my four year college course. There was never really a sad moment during our graduation ceremony. Everyone looked so happy wearing their Togas. Nakakatuwang isipin na kahit marami kang kalokohang ginawa sa college life mo eh makakagraduate ka pa din. 🙂 Nandun yung mangongopya ka ng assignments, iibahin mo yung font ng gawa ng classmate mo, manghihiram ng USB sabay copy paste ng assignments, manggagaya ng system designs may maidagdag lang, uupo ka sa dulo ng classroom kasi binabalak mong matulog, magccr sa kalagitnaan ng klase para magkape/milo sa canteen at marami pang iba. Marami din akong ginawang kalokohan. But i’m proud to say, my grades are really the fruit of my hardwork. 🙂 Di ako nangopya during exams on audit. (But then, i let others copy my answers kasi delikado silang di makagraduate). Di din ako nagpalit ng pangalan sa scantron. 🙂 LOLS. Marami kasing lokong student samin na ginagwa ang maraming karumaldumal na bagay makapasa lang. Okay na sana yung mangongopya ka lang sa katabi mo, pero beyond that. Parang foul. Sabi nga nila. “Wala namang GARAPALAN”.

well basta, Thanks God talaga. 🙂

please give me career asap na. hehe

For the great and ever loved Grandmother, Inang.


It is rather hard to come into terms with grief. No matter what your mind says, your heart still aches. I for one cannot see death as a celebration, no matter what the circumstances may be.
My grandmother just passed away at 84 and although in my mind I know that this is probably better, my heart says it is too soon. It wants to hold on to a crazy thought that she is still alive and that she is right there in her humble home waiting for me to come and visit her.

Inang, as I fondly call her, is one strong woman who raised four boys and two girls. She was a character of her own which makes her more adorable and loved by all. When I was a little kid, she used to tell me us kids stories about princesses and their stone castles, about mermaids and how they come out at night and try to seduce young wanderers, about dragons, and magic and all these elaborate stories that enthralls a young mind. Every night after dinner, as we lay down on the wooden floor waiting for the gas lamp to go out, she will tell wondrous stories that would rival Aesop’s. As an adult, I thought to myself, she must have been a well-read woman or she just have that good of an imagination.

Inang, my heat is in sorrow of the thought that when I do go and visit your home,  you would no longer be there waiting for me by the front door ready to shower me with kisses and the warmest embrace. There were so many things that I wanted to do more with you but mostly I wanted to hug you more and let you know how much I love you. I wanted to thank you for all the things you have taught me and for all the love you showered me. I wanted to hear more of your stories on how the mermaid down the river comes out at night and sings her lullabies. I wanted to play more Forty One with you although you claim that you can not differentiate the Ace of Hearts from the Ace of Diamonds.

You have such a great impact on my life that I want you to know, your legacy, grace and beauty will be forever with me. I will always remember that this life is more wonderful and beautiful because you at the most part, you were right in the center of it. I will make sure that when I do tell my future daughter the tale of the mermaid by the river, I will let her know that that story came from you so that hopefully when she has her own, she will also do the same.

Now that you are leaving us forever, it is with all the sadness that I say my last good bye. Hopefully, you knew in your heart that you are a well-loved mother and grandmother but in case you never knew it, I am letting you know, we love you so much Inang. Rest in the hands of God.

CHILDHOOD (Once upon a time, lalake ako) LOL


my childhood was the time when i was innocent
when the world seemed to be fair
when my universe was around my toys

my childhood was the time when i lived in dreams
when everyone was selfless 
when everyone appeared to be a friend

my childhood was the time when my life was full of colours
when sorrows never knocked my door
when smile was gift presented to everyone

my childhood was the time when love was pure
when there were no obligations
when tenderness prevailed

my childhood was the time which is long gone
tears flow from my eyes when i go back in my childhood
my childhood will never come back but 
the child in me will never go…





Finally my of OJT is finally done. I learned a lot of things. I had my OJT at Armed Forces of The Philippines Medical Center V-Luna ave., Quezon City. At first, I was nervous and all and  it’s hard for me to wake up too early and ride all alone to office and specially riding a bus in the “Rush Hours” but as time goes by my body is now used to my daily routine.

On our first day (December 20,2011) we had our orientation where we talked about the history of the company, the people behind its success, the policies, benefits, codes of conducts, etc. So, the advent of IT in the Registrar started way back 2009. Ma’am Mylene Sibayan Roxas, (RIS Administrator) route us to the whole company for us to be familiar with the place, she introduced us to the whole group of Registrars Information System Section and as well as to the whole Sections of the Registrars Department. So they assigned us at the RIS Section where they have a lot of computer works but they only have 4 employees (LJ, ARJE, ROWEL, JONE) so they really need more IT here. J

On the first day, Ma’am Mylene requested us to just observe first at the office. Observe what particular works have to be done daily. She assigned LJ, one of the employees to assist or train us. LJ was a type of a monster boss. Hahaha but actually, he’s just also an employee. But he’s nice though and he teaches us well.

At 12noon lunch time, while me and Joyce walking around the hospital, we heard something that is like an “Anthem” but not “Bayang Magiliw.” Yes, it was like an AFP Anthem. We didn’t know what to do that time, then suddenly a soldier man told us to stop walking, stand straight and wait till it’s done. Haha. We just laugh at ourselves thinking that we’re just stupid enough here at the first time. But well, so fun!     On our first day we learn on how to socialize and mingle with the whole RISS people.

December 21, 22, 23, 27, 2011

Task are just repeatedly happened everyday so i will just write a story by month.

So Dec 21, We already started working.  I had task to do the Daily Cencus Report. This is just an update for the Patients who are transferring in or out in a ward. It’s quite hard to understand and confusing at first. So i need to ask them many times before doing to avoid errors. Gladly, i did it well.

Next, i was tasked to record the weekly admission and disposition Reports (for CAA Patients, Military Officers, Battle Casualties) in this work, i learned the other term for dead patients. They are also called “Expired.” Hehe

Next, to discharge and re-check the chart. This task was quite confusing too because we’re transferring the final diagnosis from the hard copy of the Patients Record and it’s really hard to read those Doctors hand writing. L so i took lot of time doing this at first.

Next task, search for the Unbilled Chart by its Terminal Number.

Next, to record the presently admitted 1ID Patients IN THE Log book.

Next, to organized the Death Certificate, Death Summary and release of Cadaver.

Sa loob ng Registrars, nalaman namin na masyado palang confidential ang mga records na hinahawakan namin. Bawal magbuklat ng records na nakatago na, bawal makialam, bawal ipagsabi, bawal picturan ang mga records, at kapag mayroong maling spelling na pangalan sa hard copy tapos tama ang spelling sa soft copy, hindi pwedeng baguhin o i-correct ang spelling na nakasulat sa papel. Tanging ang Nurse o Doctor na nagsulat lang neto ang pwedeng magbago at mag-correct. Kasi ang trabaho naming sa registrar, taga input lang ng mga nakasulat sa papel papunta sa computer. Kaya kung ano ang nakasulat sa papel, tama man o mali ang spelling, yun padin ang i-input.

Noong December 29, naman ay half day lang ang trabaho sa office dahil nag aya si maam Mylene na maglaro ng Badminton bandang alas tres ng hapon. Kasama ang ilang mga boss ng ibat ibang department at employees, naglaro din kami. Nakapagdala din naman kami ng pang laro na damit kasi nasabihan pa kami ni Maam kahapon. Sobrang nag enjoy kami that day. Nakakarelax lang yung pagkatapos ng trabaho eh maglalaro naman. Hehe

Si Jone ang nakalaro ko noon and hmmm… magaling sya at talaga naming pinagpawisan ako. Haha

As time goes by we became more intact with the people inside the company especially to the RISS people.

Mas nagiging close na kami ni Joyce sa kanila lalo na kay Jone. At si Maam Mylene naman, tuwing breaktime ay nakikipagkwentuhan at biruan nadin sya samin. Si Ma’am Mylene yung tipong boss na parang barkada ang turing sa kaniyang mga employees.

Lagi din syang bumibili ng mga masasarap na meryenda. Goldilocks, pizza, etc. 😀

January 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 31, 2012

Tulad ng mga nakaraang working days, paulit ulit lang naman ang mga ginagawa sa office.

Gaya ng mga tasks sa buwan ng Disyembre.

Pero ikukwento ko nalang yung araw na nag-present kami ni Joyce n gaming mga Report System na pina assignment samin ni Maam Mylene.

Ako ang unang nag-report. Ang report ko ay tungkol sa ginagawa kong System na Computerized Enrollment System gamit ang Access. Syempre sabi kasi ni Maam kahit anong system kaya yun nalang din pinakita ko, atleast meron. Haha

Ok naman daw yung Report System ko, kaso lang hindi ko pa tapos kaya medyo bitin din sila.

Ginagawa ko palang kasi yung System that time kaya yung proposed system sa Powerpoint presentation lang ang naipakita ko.

Ok naman daw, kaso di sila naka-relate. Hahaha (Hospital nga naman kami)

Sumunod na nagreport si Joyce. Yung research nya about Online Medical Records ang na-present nya. At doon, nagustuhan yung topic. Syempre Hospital Related nga naman. Hehe

Ok yung report nya, medyo napagdebatehan pa nga nila Joyce at Arje yung topic. Hahaha

Kantiyawan lang nun. Sabi ni Maam Mylene, nagpapa-cute lang daw si Arje. 😀

About sa security ng online Medical Records noon ang usapan. Sabi ni Arje, hindi daw safe ang ganoon kasi nga madali lang daw i-hacked ang isang site. Paano daw kung na-hacked iyon ng isang kakompetensiya ng Hospital at sirain lahat ng Records ng Pasyente, at sirain ang Hospital? Kaya mas maganda parin daw ang Access.

February 1, 6, 7, 8, 2012

So heto na, malapit na kami mag end sa OJT. So, sa month na toh, dito naman madalas puro billings ang ginagawa sa Office. Ganun pa man, sinusulit na naming ang mga natitirang araw naming dito, syemre pakitang gilas nadin lalo na kay Maam. Hehe..

Binalak pa nila na kumain daw muna kaming lahat sa labas bago kami mag out. Kaso, sobrang dami ng mga Gawain sa office, din a natuloy.

Kaya naman nag set sila ng araw para bumalik kami. Sa birthday celebration nalang daw nila Arje at JOne

February 8 was our last day in the Hospital, it’s not that easy to say goodbye to those people who became a part of your life. As I leave the company I will surely treasure all the learning that I had at AFP MEDICAL CENTER.

So, that’s my OJT experience. I can see myself working in there someday! Hihi (sana nga)

PS: i was never late! 😀

Finally meet Chico and Delamar for the First time. :)

February 25, 2012.
Last book signing of the TMR Top10 Book at the SM Mall of Asia. I’ve been planning to attend that event earlier. Basically it is the last part of the Book signing. and I wasn’t able to come on the previous book events because I have classes. Exactly, today is holiday. at 24 night, I feel like I’m getting sick until the morning of 25. I really had the ill feeling. Really bad. So I told to my friends that I might be going to cancel our meeting. I also told to my friend. After awhile, I decided to really cancel it. 9am pa noon total 1pm naman ang usapan naming na magkikita kita. Good thing my friend told me that he already left home going to fetch me up at SM North. Too early, that he seems more excited than me. So ok, I just thought I had to do not miss this event. Anyway this is the last. So I didn’t mind the feeling of being ill. So here we go, we met at SM NORTH. I suddenly felt so pity to him. He waited me for a long time. Then we immediately ride LRT, nakipagsiksikan. But it’s okay. later it’s gonna ba a fun and a big day for me because i’ll be meeting my idols for the first time. Didn’t mind the heat and fatigue in an overcrowded departure.
Then atlast, MOA finally. Ihing ihi na ko habang nasa byahe pa kami but When we arrived, seems I’ve forgotten that and instead of going straight to the CR, I hurriedly grabbed him to the National Book Store.  And there, I ‘ve saw Chico and Del. Also Andre Co in the house. Parang gusto kong magtatalon sa tuwa pagkakita ko sa kanila. “OMG CHICO AND DEL!” I screamed but of course friend ko lang naman nakakarinig. haha i also see other rushers who are familiar to me because they are my friends on facebook and I often interact them on twitter. I would like to approach them and introduce myself but I felt a bit shy. Then suddenly my friend told me he also needs to go to the CR. So Yun, retouch nalang ako. I have to be presentable and comfortable while meeting chico and del to sign my book. When we returned, we fall in a long line. but ok, Keribels! At least nakahabol kami sa pila bago isara. Sa pilahan, we followed Ron Mojacko. familiar sya sakin.  At lagi ko rin naman sya nakakausap sa twitter so dina ako masyado nahiya i-approach sya. hehe
“Hey Ron ..” I gladly greeted him. ”Hey!” He smiles and trying to also recognized me.”Do you know me?” I ask. ”Yes! Rhyzelle. It’s you” he shouted.  He always calls me through my real name than my twitter username. He’s super cool and very nice. Actually he’s one of the Celebrity Rushers. He introduced me to other rushers na nandun. Yung iba, i just know them through their username. They are all cool and kind. I like Butter baby. She’s so cute and Makulit. Nakakalokang magpasign din sya ng book sakin (feeling celebrity rusher tuloy ako) haha. My friend was just outside that time because he did not have that book. But it wasn’t that boring without him on my side. Atleast i have Ron, Kitrich and Mark (The Rushers). Picture picture! Then suddenly all the rushers got excited upon seeing Cooper. (Delles son). So cute!
Then finally it’s my turn to come close to chico and del to get my book signed. Yung feeling na gusto mo sila i hug sa sobrang gigil sa kanila. But of course nakakahiya naman! Hehe. I gave my camera to Ron for If he don’t mind taking me a picture. Pero nakuhanan din ako ni Cherry the great.  Then, exit. Atlast! My book signed. : D
so nagpaalam na ko kina ron. sayang kasi saglit ko lang sila nakasama at nakausap. Hopefully next time makikita at makakasama ko ulit silang lahat.
“Nice meeting you guys! Rhyze dalaw ka din sa booth! Bro….” Baling nya to shake hand with my friend ..And Yun. Chupee ….
Hehe … while we’re walking, i saw Czarovic. The one I often interact on twitter also. He’s with His gf (ako na updated sa mga Rushers. Haha) yontefian and Ash. Kaso nagmamadali sila kaya di ko din sila nakausap ng mabuti. This is my first time to meet chico and del, this is also my first time to SM MOA. Haha.. For sure, it’s the most fun and memorable event in my life.


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EMO NIGHT (Dear Future Boyfriend)

after hearing those sweet and romantic entries of TMR topic last 11/11/11, I’ve decided to write my own version of the Top10 things you’d wanna say to your future boyfriend/girlfriend.

so sad that i wasn’t able to send this entry that day,

but anyway here it goes.

Dear Future Boyfriend, I want to spend all my life with you.  I want to hold hands anywhere we’ll go.

Stare at you, be like the royale couple Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

I wanna kiss you, Grow old with you.

Because before i die, i want to fall inlove.

Fall inlove with someone who loves me back.

Know how it feels to be loved.

Face my fear of love, Go on a date, Take a cute kissing pictures together. Watch the sunset with you, Cuddle the stars, Dance in the rain, Be kissed unexpectedly,  kiss in the rain, kiss under the rainbow, kiss under fireworks, kiss under the waterfalls, kiss in the snow, tell you how i feel, confess my love and say I LOVE YOU.until a new boy comes to my life and call you Daddy. 🙂

i may not be a perfect girlfriend and i won’t make any promises to make you believe that i love you but i will do my best and i’ll do all i can just to make you stick with me with no hesitation. i hope you’re a guy that is good for me not just the one who makes me giggle and blush but a person who makes me work hard, dream big and value my family.
 i can’t promise you a perfect relationship without arguments over our differences, however i can promise you, it’s you and me forever. 

i’m looking forward to my “i do.” but i’m even more excited 50 years later to say, “i still do.” 🙂 ♥

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Womans are amazing. 🙂

Jogging at Colinas Verdes SJDM Bulacan


“i, Rhyzelle, shall never eat more than one cup of rice every meals, shall never drink softdrinks, beer , will exercise regularly as much as i have time, will do jogging, will go to the gym, will be loving her body to be physically healthy and fit…  “

Kahit ilang ulit pa ako manumpa, sometimes i can’t help but to keep on doing it…

I can’t help my self eating less, coz i love to eat and sometimes when i plan to diet, i ended up eating more.

Oh well, di naman ako nagda-diet, mine-maintain ko lang to’ng katawan ko ngayon.

Thanks to Ran who teaches me how to be  responsible enough in maintaining Good health.

Oo nga naman, kesa naman magmukmok sa bahay pag off ko, eh dito nalang…

I learned to love running  not only because it makes me fit and healthy but it’s also a time for me to listen a song and internalized it. I love music, i can’t feel that i’m alone with it. Music is my companion.

I’ve been running 5k every weekends either Saturday or Sunday.

As always i’ve run with a companion. A good/special friend of mine and ofcourse, my phone with music. I’ve put it on a play all so i wouldn’t overplay songs. I’ve downloaded all the songs here so definitely, i love hearing all of them.  So what’s on the list?

My selections of songs…

But there were songs i have played many times just to internalized the lyrics…


It’s really an awesome sweet song… i even imagined my self  with a guy singing this song for me perfectly.  So romantic, so sweet! J

I just really love these lines from the song and I quote.


“Yeah i know, iknow  when i compliment her she won’t believe me.

And it’s so, it’s so sad to think that she don’t see what I see.

But everytime she ask me ‘Do I look okay?’ I say…

When I see your face (face, face) there’s not a thing that I would change.

‘Cause you’re amazing just the way you are.

And when you smile (smile, smile) the whole world stops

and stares for a while.

‘Cause, girl, you’re amazing just the way you are.”

Actually, there was a guy who even didn’t sang it for me, he told me like this way.

And by that time, i’ve never been heard that song.

Not that exact words but something like that.

And until i heard it, i begun loving it and sharing it through facebook links posts.

Then as expected, this guy was the only first one who tag me that video and told me, its lyrics really fits to me.

i’ve just checked the video on my fb page and there, it was tagged last Saturday, July 31, 2010. Haha (kinalkal talaga?)

Basta! This song was the one of the sweetest song i’ve ever heard. It made for a low self esteem, fear and insecure women like me discovered how amazing we truly are.

Heres the song.




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