What is FanSign?
– a fansign is when you write something on a piece of paper (EX. I love Rhyzelle or simply just the name) and take a picture with it .
The name can be written on your hand, your body, a piece of paper, anything really. This seems to be the in thing with teens these days. They’re normally used as ANTI POSER of just for fun.. i’ve known people collecting this kind of stuffs.Take a look at the sliding pictures below. 🙂

i have a lot of collections of it. actually i did not plan to collect it, it was just for fun before. and ofcourse i did’nt want and will never delete those. it’s like a souvenir/remembrance from friends. i feel so touched of their efforts doing this small things yet soooo unforgetable with me. 🙂
that’s why i love my friends. they are sooo sweet!

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more Fansigns here…




If anyone else wants to send me their fansign pictures like my friends on the slideshow, please send me… :) i’ll post it up here and i’ll promise to keep them forever. :)

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