EMO NIGHT (Dear Future Boyfriend)

after hearing those sweet and romantic entries of TMR topic last 11/11/11, I’ve decided to write my own version of the Top10 things you’d wanna say to your future boyfriend/girlfriend.

so sad that i wasn’t able to send this entry that day,

but anyway here it goes.

Dear Future Boyfriend, I want to spend all my life with you.  I want to hold hands anywhere we’ll go.

Stare at you, be like the royale couple Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

I wanna kiss you, Grow old with you.

Because before i die, i want to fall inlove.

Fall inlove with someone who loves me back.

Know how it feels to be loved.

Face my fear of love, Go on a date, Take a cute kissing pictures together. Watch the sunset with you, Cuddle the stars, Dance in the rain, Be kissed unexpectedly,  kiss in the rain, kiss under the rainbow, kiss under fireworks, kiss under the waterfalls, kiss in the snow, tell you how i feel, confess my love and say I LOVE YOU.until a new boy comes to my life and call you Daddy. 🙂

i may not be a perfect girlfriend and i won’t make any promises to make you believe that i love you but i will do my best and i’ll do all i can just to make you stick with me with no hesitation. i hope you’re a guy that is good for me not just the one who makes me giggle and blush but a person who makes me work hard, dream big and value my family.
 i can’t promise you a perfect relationship without arguments over our differences, however i can promise you, it’s you and me forever. 

i’m looking forward to my “i do.” but i’m even more excited 50 years later to say, “i still do.” 🙂 ♥

By bhangzgracia Posted in RXTMR

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