For the great and ever loved Grandmother, Inang.


It is rather hard to come into terms with grief. No matter what your mind says, your heart still aches. I for one cannot see death as a celebration, no matter what the circumstances may be.
My grandmother just passed away at 84 and although in my mind I know that this is probably better, my heart says it is too soon. It wants to hold on to a crazy thought that she is still alive and that she is right there in her humble home waiting for me to come and visit her.

Inang, as I fondly call her, is one strong woman who raised four boys and two girls. She was a character of her own which makes her more adorable and loved by all. When I was a little kid, she used to tell me us kids stories about princesses and their stone castles, about mermaids and how they come out at night and try to seduce young wanderers, about dragons, and magic and all these elaborate stories that enthralls a young mind. Every night after dinner, as we lay down on the wooden floor waiting for the gas lamp to go out, she will tell wondrous stories that would rival Aesop’s. As an adult, I thought to myself, she must have been a well-read woman or she just have that good of an imagination.

Inang, my heat is in sorrow of the thought that when I do go and visit your home,  you would no longer be there waiting for me by the front door ready to shower me with kisses and the warmest embrace. There were so many things that I wanted to do more with you but mostly I wanted to hug you more and let you know how much I love you. I wanted to thank you for all the things you have taught me and for all the love you showered me. I wanted to hear more of your stories on how the mermaid down the river comes out at night and sings her lullabies. I wanted to play more Forty One with you although you claim that you can not differentiate the Ace of Hearts from the Ace of Diamonds.

You have such a great impact on my life that I want you to know, your legacy, grace and beauty will be forever with me. I will always remember that this life is more wonderful and beautiful because you at the most part, you were right in the center of it. I will make sure that when I do tell my future daughter the tale of the mermaid by the river, I will let her know that that story came from you so that hopefully when she has her own, she will also do the same.

Now that you are leaving us forever, it is with all the sadness that I say my last good bye. Hopefully, you knew in your heart that you are a well-loved mother and grandmother but in case you never knew it, I am letting you know, we love you so much Inang. Rest in the hands of God.

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