A Presentation of the Proposal for Golden Ville High School City of Sanjose San Jose del Monte Bulacan.

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This proposed system can also provide reports upon request.

•Students Information
•List of Gender (Male or Female)
•Students by Year
•Teachers Advisory Class
•Payment Receipts




Finally my of OJT is finally done. I learned a lot of things. I had my OJT at Armed Forces of The Philippines Medical Center V-Luna ave., Quezon City. At first, I was nervous and all and  it’s hard for me to wake up too early and ride all alone to office and specially riding a bus in the “Rush Hours” but as time goes by my body is now used to my daily routine.

On our first day (December 20,2011) we had our orientation where we talked about the history of the company, the people behind its success, the policies, benefits, codes of conducts, etc. So, the advent of IT in the Registrar started way back 2009. Ma’am Mylene Sibayan Roxas, (RIS Administrator) route us to the whole company for us to be familiar with the place, she introduced us to the whole group of Registrars Information System Section and as well as to the whole Sections of the Registrars Department. So they assigned us at the RIS Section where they have a lot of computer works but they only have 4 employees (LJ, ARJE, ROWEL, JONE) so they really need more IT here. J

On the first day, Ma’am Mylene requested us to just observe first at the office. Observe what particular works have to be done daily. She assigned LJ, one of the employees to assist or train us. LJ was a type of a monster boss. Hahaha but actually, he’s just also an employee. But he’s nice though and he teaches us well.

At 12noon lunch time, while me and Joyce walking around the hospital, we heard something that is like an “Anthem” but not “Bayang Magiliw.” Yes, it was like an AFP Anthem. We didn’t know what to do that time, then suddenly a soldier man told us to stop walking, stand straight and wait till it’s done. Haha. We just laugh at ourselves thinking that we’re just stupid enough here at the first time. But well, so fun!     On our first day we learn on how to socialize and mingle with the whole RISS people.

December 21, 22, 23, 27, 2011

Task are just repeatedly happened everyday so i will just write a story by month.

So Dec 21, We already started working.  I had task to do the Daily Cencus Report. This is just an update for the Patients who are transferring in or out in a ward. It’s quite hard to understand and confusing at first. So i need to ask them many times before doing to avoid errors. Gladly, i did it well.

Next, i was tasked to record the weekly admission and disposition Reports (for CAA Patients, Military Officers, Battle Casualties) in this work, i learned the other term for dead patients. They are also called “Expired.” Hehe

Next, to discharge and re-check the chart. This task was quite confusing too because we’re transferring the final diagnosis from the hard copy of the Patients Record and it’s really hard to read those Doctors hand writing. L so i took lot of time doing this at first.

Next task, search for the Unbilled Chart by its Terminal Number.

Next, to record the presently admitted 1ID Patients IN THE Log book.

Next, to organized the Death Certificate, Death Summary and release of Cadaver.

Sa loob ng Registrars, nalaman namin na masyado palang confidential ang mga records na hinahawakan namin. Bawal magbuklat ng records na nakatago na, bawal makialam, bawal ipagsabi, bawal picturan ang mga records, at kapag mayroong maling spelling na pangalan sa hard copy tapos tama ang spelling sa soft copy, hindi pwedeng baguhin o i-correct ang spelling na nakasulat sa papel. Tanging ang Nurse o Doctor na nagsulat lang neto ang pwedeng magbago at mag-correct. Kasi ang trabaho naming sa registrar, taga input lang ng mga nakasulat sa papel papunta sa computer. Kaya kung ano ang nakasulat sa papel, tama man o mali ang spelling, yun padin ang i-input.

Noong December 29, naman ay half day lang ang trabaho sa office dahil nag aya si maam Mylene na maglaro ng Badminton bandang alas tres ng hapon. Kasama ang ilang mga boss ng ibat ibang department at employees, naglaro din kami. Nakapagdala din naman kami ng pang laro na damit kasi nasabihan pa kami ni Maam kahapon. Sobrang nag enjoy kami that day. Nakakarelax lang yung pagkatapos ng trabaho eh maglalaro naman. Hehe

Si Jone ang nakalaro ko noon and hmmm… magaling sya at talaga naming pinagpawisan ako. Haha

As time goes by we became more intact with the people inside the company especially to the RISS people.

Mas nagiging close na kami ni Joyce sa kanila lalo na kay Jone. At si Maam Mylene naman, tuwing breaktime ay nakikipagkwentuhan at biruan nadin sya samin. Si Ma’am Mylene yung tipong boss na parang barkada ang turing sa kaniyang mga employees.

Lagi din syang bumibili ng mga masasarap na meryenda. Goldilocks, pizza, etc. 😀

January 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 16, 31, 2012

Tulad ng mga nakaraang working days, paulit ulit lang naman ang mga ginagawa sa office.

Gaya ng mga tasks sa buwan ng Disyembre.

Pero ikukwento ko nalang yung araw na nag-present kami ni Joyce n gaming mga Report System na pina assignment samin ni Maam Mylene.

Ako ang unang nag-report. Ang report ko ay tungkol sa ginagawa kong System na Computerized Enrollment System gamit ang Access. Syempre sabi kasi ni Maam kahit anong system kaya yun nalang din pinakita ko, atleast meron. Haha

Ok naman daw yung Report System ko, kaso lang hindi ko pa tapos kaya medyo bitin din sila.

Ginagawa ko palang kasi yung System that time kaya yung proposed system sa Powerpoint presentation lang ang naipakita ko.

Ok naman daw, kaso di sila naka-relate. Hahaha (Hospital nga naman kami)

Sumunod na nagreport si Joyce. Yung research nya about Online Medical Records ang na-present nya. At doon, nagustuhan yung topic. Syempre Hospital Related nga naman. Hehe

Ok yung report nya, medyo napagdebatehan pa nga nila Joyce at Arje yung topic. Hahaha

Kantiyawan lang nun. Sabi ni Maam Mylene, nagpapa-cute lang daw si Arje. 😀

About sa security ng online Medical Records noon ang usapan. Sabi ni Arje, hindi daw safe ang ganoon kasi nga madali lang daw i-hacked ang isang site. Paano daw kung na-hacked iyon ng isang kakompetensiya ng Hospital at sirain lahat ng Records ng Pasyente, at sirain ang Hospital? Kaya mas maganda parin daw ang Access.

February 1, 6, 7, 8, 2012

So heto na, malapit na kami mag end sa OJT. So, sa month na toh, dito naman madalas puro billings ang ginagawa sa Office. Ganun pa man, sinusulit na naming ang mga natitirang araw naming dito, syemre pakitang gilas nadin lalo na kay Maam. Hehe..

Binalak pa nila na kumain daw muna kaming lahat sa labas bago kami mag out. Kaso, sobrang dami ng mga Gawain sa office, din a natuloy.

Kaya naman nag set sila ng araw para bumalik kami. Sa birthday celebration nalang daw nila Arje at JOne

February 8 was our last day in the Hospital, it’s not that easy to say goodbye to those people who became a part of your life. As I leave the company I will surely treasure all the learning that I had at AFP MEDICAL CENTER.

So, that’s my OJT experience. I can see myself working in there someday! Hihi (sana nga)

PS: i was never late! 😀