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Hanapin mo ko!!! :D/

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Finally meet Chico and Delamar for the First time. :)

February 25, 2012.
Last book signing of the TMR Top10 Book at the SM Mall of Asia. I’ve been planning to attend that event earlier. Basically it is the last part of the Book signing. and I wasn’t able to come on the previous book events because I have classes. Exactly, today is holiday. at 24 night, I feel like I’m getting sick until the morning of 25. I really had the ill feeling. Really bad. So I told to my friends that I might be going to cancel our meeting. I also told to my friend. After awhile, I decided to really cancel it. 9am pa noon total 1pm naman ang usapan naming na magkikita kita. Good thing my friend told me that he already left home going to fetch me up at SM North. Too early, that he seems more excited than me. So ok, I just thought I had to do not miss this event. Anyway this is the last. So I didn’t mind the feeling of being ill. So here we go, we met at SM NORTH. I suddenly felt so pity to him. He waited me for a long time. Then we immediately ride LRT, nakipagsiksikan. But it’s okay. later it’s gonna ba a fun and a big day for me because i’ll be meeting my idols for the first time. Didn’t mind the heat and fatigue in an overcrowded departure.
Then atlast, MOA finally. Ihing ihi na ko habang nasa byahe pa kami but When we arrived, seems I’ve forgotten that and instead of going straight to the CR, I hurriedly grabbed him to the National Book Store.  And there, I ‘ve saw Chico and Del. Also Andre Co in the house. Parang gusto kong magtatalon sa tuwa pagkakita ko sa kanila. “OMG CHICO AND DEL!” I screamed but of course friend ko lang naman nakakarinig. haha i also see other rushers who are familiar to me because they are my friends on facebook and I often interact them on twitter. I would like to approach them and introduce myself but I felt a bit shy. Then suddenly my friend told me he also needs to go to the CR. So Yun, retouch nalang ako. I have to be presentable and comfortable while meeting chico and del to sign my book. When we returned, we fall in a long line. but ok, Keribels! At least nakahabol kami sa pila bago isara. Sa pilahan, we followed Ron Mojacko. familiar sya sakin.  At lagi ko rin naman sya nakakausap sa twitter so dina ako masyado nahiya i-approach sya. hehe
“Hey Ron ..” I gladly greeted him. ”Hey!” He smiles and trying to also recognized me.”Do you know me?” I ask. ”Yes! Rhyzelle. It’s you” he shouted.  He always calls me through my real name than my twitter username. He’s super cool and very nice. Actually he’s one of the Celebrity Rushers. He introduced me to other rushers na nandun. Yung iba, i just know them through their username. They are all cool and kind. I like Butter baby. She’s so cute and Makulit. Nakakalokang magpasign din sya ng book sakin (feeling celebrity rusher tuloy ako) haha. My friend was just outside that time because he did not have that book. But it wasn’t that boring without him on my side. Atleast i have Ron, Kitrich and Mark (The Rushers). Picture picture! Then suddenly all the rushers got excited upon seeing Cooper. (Delles son). So cute!
Then finally it’s my turn to come close to chico and del to get my book signed. Yung feeling na gusto mo sila i hug sa sobrang gigil sa kanila. But of course nakakahiya naman! Hehe. I gave my camera to Ron for If he don’t mind taking me a picture. Pero nakuhanan din ako ni Cherry the great.  Then, exit. Atlast! My book signed. : D
so nagpaalam na ko kina ron. sayang kasi saglit ko lang sila nakasama at nakausap. Hopefully next time makikita at makakasama ko ulit silang lahat.
“Nice meeting you guys! Rhyze dalaw ka din sa booth! Bro….” Baling nya to shake hand with my friend ..And Yun. Chupee ….
Hehe … while we’re walking, i saw Czarovic. The one I often interact on twitter also. He’s with His gf (ako na updated sa mga Rushers. Haha) yontefian and Ash. Kaso nagmamadali sila kaya di ko din sila nakausap ng mabuti. This is my first time to meet chico and del, this is also my first time to SM MOA. Haha.. For sure, it’s the most fun and memorable event in my life.


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EMO NIGHT (Dear Future Boyfriend)

after hearing those sweet and romantic entries of TMR topic last 11/11/11, I’ve decided to write my own version of the Top10 things you’d wanna say to your future boyfriend/girlfriend.

so sad that i wasn’t able to send this entry that day,

but anyway here it goes.

Dear Future Boyfriend, I want to spend all my life with you.  I want to hold hands anywhere we’ll go.

Stare at you, be like the royale couple Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton.

I wanna kiss you, Grow old with you.

Because before i die, i want to fall inlove.

Fall inlove with someone who loves me back.

Know how it feels to be loved.

Face my fear of love, Go on a date, Take a cute kissing pictures together. Watch the sunset with you, Cuddle the stars, Dance in the rain, Be kissed unexpectedly,  kiss in the rain, kiss under the rainbow, kiss under fireworks, kiss under the waterfalls, kiss in the snow, tell you how i feel, confess my love and say I LOVE YOU.until a new boy comes to my life and call you Daddy. 🙂

i may not be a perfect girlfriend and i won’t make any promises to make you believe that i love you but i will do my best and i’ll do all i can just to make you stick with me with no hesitation. i hope you’re a guy that is good for me not just the one who makes me giggle and blush but a person who makes me work hard, dream big and value my family.
 i can’t promise you a perfect relationship without arguments over our differences, however i can promise you, it’s you and me forever. 

i’m looking forward to my “i do.” but i’m even more excited 50 years later to say, “i still do.” 🙂 ♥

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I’m not Crazy! I’m just Listening to the Morning Rush with Chico and Delamar

The reason why sometimes friends caught me “laughing or smiling alone” with headphone on my ears :)

oh common guys, stop thinking like i’m on the verge of my insanity again. haha

i’ve been just so addicted to this show (The morning rush with Chico and Delamar)

As compared to others, honestly, i’m quite a newbie.

I started listening to them year 2008.

at first not that regularly tuned in but  now, it’s almost one year  and i still enjoying this  show.

the reason why I wake up early in the morning (while preparing my self to work until i got in to it).

Chico and Del makes my days! :)

i’m just a silent rusher..

minsan lang pag naka-relate ako o gusto ko yung topic, go, sago ang pagpapadala ng mga entries ko.  sad lang, di pa ko napapasali sa top ten.

there were only a few times that my messaged was read on-air.

dati kasi, sa facebook pwede pa magpadala ng entries for rxtmr.

kaso biglang nawala, puro twitter na! Oh NO wala akong twitter!

so i’ve created my twitter account just to follow them.

at ayun, mas naging aktiban na ang mga LOSERS ENTRIES ko sa kanila. haha. and there i met some rushers too. they are so nice, cool and friendly people. :)

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