– i’m a pure iLOCANO (pero hindi ako kuripot) and i know a little KAPAMPANGAN and TAGALOG/ENGLiSH malamang.

– i’m 22 (5’7 height) hate it when everybody tells me i look older than my age.

– i’m such a moody. especially in red days. so don’t start with me or you’ll be sorry .

– sometimes, I dont like my Lips. but no choice but to live with! LoL

– I’m an approachable person,easy to please,easy 2 get along with but snob & formidable only 2 those who are 2 sure of themselves.

– I am not picky into foods. i love to it. that’s why when i try to diet, i ended up eating more. LoL

– i’m a music lover. any genres! just depends on the singer and the lyrics of the song. but i’m more on Hiphop and R&B. music is my life. Music helps me to stay awake better than coffee and put me into sleep better than sleeping pills, and my companion when i’m alone…i love @RX93.1

– whenever i erase text messages, i feel like i’m deleting evidence. Haha

– i love watching horror movies. but i can’t watch alone. and sooo scared after watching.

– i love photographs :) wherever i go, i love to capture things that catches my attention. i can’t go out without camera.

– gusto kong maging artista, kahit pang-horror lang. Bwahaha

– i don’t wear heals. I feel Awkward when i wear and it seems like everybody is shorter than me. (though i wanna wear it coz it’s good to see and feel so sexy)

– i was in second year high school when i had my first boyfriend (puppy love) with the guy named JR-F haha. Agang lumandi?!

– i don’t like being the center of attraction. I hate people obviously staring at me. I hate crowd.

– I wanna travel the world. I wanna learn different cultures & languages.

– I’m into playing Chess (boring daw) but it’s fun… depende sa kalaro. Haha in fact, i was a chess varsity way back in High School and College. Hmmm lagi ako panalo! (paano, wala naman akong nakakalaban) LoL

– I love hanging out with friends, for fun, i love outings… i like meeting new interesting people…

– When I was a kid I used to close the refrigarators door really slowly just to see if the light inside still on. Lol

– The first ever game I finished was Super Mario World on the Gameboy.

– My first ever phone was a Nokia 5110 when i was 11 years old(nasa province pa kami noon at suuper ang hina ng signal. Walang signal sa aming banda, kaya kailangan pumunta sa tabing ilog dahil doon merong signal. Haha) though it does’nt have internet, it has snake. Hehe

– I hate it when people who know nothing about me talk about me as if they do.

– i may be sometimes acts like a flirty, but i swear i’m a one-man-woman.

– i am perfectly comfortable with skinny jeans and shirts but not in jewelries or other accessories.

– When I was a kid, I’m terrified of the thought of kissing cos they told me I would get pregnant.

– i grew up in a military way with my Father. so, i’m more closer to my Mom. as well as my siblings.. we’re thankful though for having a dad like him, atleast he raised us good.. i love my dad :)

– i don’t usually use Lipstick.. only Lipgloss, i can’t live without it.. isama mo na eye liner!

– i hate people used to have a bad words expression .. better the funny expressions like, “ay kabayo!”, ay kamote!” etc.

– sometimes, when i’m texting/chatting with people, i hate those one word reply like Ok, LoL, etc. nakakabaliw ee.. haha i won’t reply to those kind of messages. i like funny and sensible people.

– i don’t smoke, i never tried and i never will. and i hate people smoking near me.

– if i could turn back time, i’ll fix my mistakes.. siguro naging cumlaude na ko sa U.P! hehe echozzz…

– I’ve feel so careless with my recent ex. Boyfriend. It was a Long Distance relationship. And LDR without cpmmunication sucks..

– i am self-concious about my appearance. i think i’m ugly? i’ve been told i’m attractive by a total stranger.

– sometimes, when im outside, di nakapagdala ng wallet/bag at walang bulsa damit ko, i’ll just put my money (papel) on my Bra.

– hates dirty places, i love to keep everything clean and in place..

– my feelings get hurt easily. I hold on to things and hate letting go. I wish i could die sometimes to see who really cares. Then i’ll go back to life. Ofcourse, i love life. Lol

– I can never fall asleep wearing socks, a sweater, or a bra. its so uncomfortable.

-I may forget things easily . But I will never forget how much they’ve affected my feelings.

-i’m a vegetarian.

-i’ve been like a crying lady on my younger years. but now, I hardly cry. I just realized crying won’t fix any problem so what’s the point in it?

-When I’m getting ready, I spend the most time on my eyebrows than anything else. mawala na ang iba pang make up kits. wag lang eyeliner and lipgloss.

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